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My Way Raw Hemp & CBD Massage Soap Bar

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My Way Raw Hemp & CBD Massage Soap Bar (100mg)

Made with 95.8% organic ingredients

Our unique formulation cleanses, moisturises and heals irritated skin, whilst absorbing excess oil. ⁣The bar is extremely long-lasting.

The Massage Bar is great for back cleansing (back acne) massaging the underarm & breast area, and cellulite massage.


1. Cleanses skin⁣
2. Good for sensitive skin types⁣
3. Soothes & heals eczema⁣
4. Reduces blemishes & dark spots⁣
5. Fights facial & body acne⁣
6. Calms psoriasis⁣
7. Reduces oily skin⁣
8. Minimizes fine lines & wrinkles⁣
9. Evens out dark spots⁣
10. Unclogs blocked pores⁣
11. Helps fade acne scars⁣
12. Soothes razor bumps⁣
13. Eliminates fungal skin infections⁣

Made with organic raw hemp & 100mg Broad Spectrum CBD oil!

Our soothing soap is specially formulated with all-natural ingredients, and a whopping 100mg of the finest, premium-grade CBD oil. ⁣