My Way CBD - 2 women on a mission!

My Way CBD - 2 women on a mission! - The Legal Hempire

Following on from the Amazon best selling cancer book called “My Way”, author Dee Mani-Mitchell decided to launch a brand of CBD oils and wellness products with a difference.

Teaming up with Gemma McKay who owns Cannabina - a brand on the same mission, to specialise in all-natural CBD healing solutions to add value to the world of natural healing by revolutionising the attitude towards hemp-derived products, and the wellness cannabinoids bring to people’s lives.

Dee is a best-selling author that aims to create a better understanding of our health, our world, and our place in it - a mission that has cast her in many different roles: author, motivator, supporter, inspirer, advocate, and awareness raiser. Gemma is a successful businesswoman that has relied on cannabis for many years to help deal with her own health issues, who is constantly breaking down barriers with her beliefs that healing should be built into how we live more naturally.

Between them, they have a mission - to improve the quality of lives through natural and effective healing solutions, with a ‘complete transparency’ and strict ‘no nasties’ policy, that ensures an entire product range which is always free from:

Harmful chemicals, pesticides, solvent residues, toxins, chlorophyll, fats & lipids, preservatives, sulfates, mineral oils, parabens, animal testing, artificial colours and perfumes.

All products are also vegan, non-GMO, and Kosher. All products are formulated with the finest lab-tested CBD oils.

All broad-spectrum products are all guaranteed THC free, as tested & certified by both US & UK laboratories. All CBD oils and products are tested and certified by independent laboratories, COA's available upon request.

Broad Spectrum - Zero THC / Zero Risk

High CBG content.

Hemp-derived, no nasties, vegan friendly, no parabens, no sulfates, no mineral oils, no harsh chemicals.

All Natural - Always!

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