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Our bodies were built for cannabinoids. We have an entire system designed to receive cannabinoids for the purpose of regulating the body' internal systems. 

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the founder, Dee Mani-Mitchell is a cancer warrior that healed her aggressive breast cancer in 5 months by refusing the conventional toxic medicine of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Instead, opting to treat with a combination of natural methods: diet, nutrition, a range of supplements, meditation, and the most crucial component being - full extract cannabis oil.

To raise awareness of natural healing, she wrote about her journey in a self-published book called "My Way", which led her to becoming an Amazon best selling author. After her story was featured in all mainstream news journals and interviewed by many leading cannabis brands, such as The Sacred Plant and The Cannabis Health Radio Show, it led to a natural health and cannabis advocates path.

Dee believes that most illnesses and diseases are caused by an endocannabinoid deficiency and is on a quest to help educate people on the fantastic benefits of this plant, by helping break down stigmas that are still rife in todays society. Dee has also launched My Way CBD, her range of award-winning, high quality oils, skincare, and wellness products. She's also a columnist for two medical marijuana publications and runs a cancer support group.

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